These destinations in our country have a strong contact with nature that allow us to carry out experiences that will help the visitor reconnect with mind and body. Let’s get to know them!

Tourism begins to take small steps to get back on track. More and more people are traveling again, prioritizing among their many travel choices destinations that offer more diverse approaches such as ones focused on wellness, in order to reconnect physically and mentally, this being one of the best well kept secrets in Baja California.

The strong bond that Baja California has with nature makes it an ideal place to carry out different experiences aimed at this segment of tourism. It’s time to consider a personal wellness trip, read on to find some places you can explore!

Rancho la puerta – Tecate 


A few minutes from the municipality of Tecate, this ranch is made up of a resort and spa that offers special programs for all its visitors, aimed at seeking harmony and tranquility. Nature will be the guide for all activities, from walks on Cerro Cuchumá (sacred mountain for the ancient Kumiai), meditation, special massages, acupuncture, individual and group conversations, sound healing alternatives, holistic therapy, yoga, among other options taught by professionals.

Each experience is organized according to the interests of the visitors. The rustic atmosphere of the place will accompany the experiences with a homey touch between gardens, vegetables and memorable views. Rancho La Puerta is a place considered a haven of rest, reaffirming its title as one of the best spas in the world according to various international tourism publications.

Oeno wine lodge – Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada

Not only is it a lodging project that complements the many offers that exist in Valle de Guadalupe – Ensenada, Oeno wine lodge is a comprehensive experience that stimulates the senses. Here, visitors will be able to connect with the nature of the area in a place that offers full rest and privacy with a chic-bohemian style.

Starry skies decorated with hills dotted with large rocks, lodging away from the hustle and bustle, high-end cuisine, hiking, yoga and detox through nature await you. More than 25 rooms are divided into various options, from cozy cabins, to sleeping inside a rock.

Visitors can access experiences such as forest bathing guided to open the senses, rediscover themselves and feel internal well-being guided by a specialist on one of the only certified trails in Valle de Guadalupe, one of the flagship destinations in Baja California.

Puertecitos – San Felipe 

If contact with nature without intermediaries is what moves you, then this place is the one. Located at kilometer 74 of the highway to San Felipe – Laguna Chapala, is Puertecitos. This extraordinary place, hidden between the mountains, desert and beach puts all it has to offer for you to relax.

Its location is home to an authentic natural spa with thermal waters that combine salty sea water with volcanic minerals, elements that relax the muscles, in addition to properties that exfoliate and heal the body.

In Puertecitos you will also find other activities that are catered to relaxation; go to a natural jacuzzi, go fishing, visit the picturesque town of the same name and eat fresh seafood, or marvel at the landscapes of Laguna Chapala. In this Baja California destination you will experience an unprecedented natural spectacle to fill you with energy and a breath of fresh air.


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