Mexico has always stood out for its creativity and for finding ways to make things happen, we are born inventors and leaders in many fields of innovation and technology development.

The expansion of knowledge through digital platforms allows us to widely understand how the world is developing in important aspects such as renewable energy, ecology and sustainable communities, to name a few.

As an inclusive community, it is necessary to add strengths and establish alliances that enhance the development of our communities and allow us to achieve a better quality of life and leave a clear path for future generations.

Bustamante Realty Group is a leader in the real estate market in Mexico, marketing the best projects in Baja California, in addition to being actively involved in the development of Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe to provide the best residential and vacation housing solutions. Its General Director, Hector Bustamante Mora, with an innovative vision for the sustainable development of the region, dedicated a year to detecting and filtering companies with which he could synergize and offer a comprehensive solution to all the families that have a property in the countryside and rural areas of Baja California, highlighting Valle de Guadalupe and Tecate. He made different trips to learn about projects, until he finally found a developer that fulfilled the characteristics he was looking for in terms of design and quality, but equally or more importantly, that carry the same commitment to conserving environments and caring for nature: Ethos Modular.

Ethos Modular is a young company that was born in the city of Guanajuato in 2018, with the desire to transform a prodigal construction industry into a sustainable and practical alternative. They undertook a journey, encouraged by their General Director, Ricardo Betancourt to develop a high-quality product that helps people live in nature without disturbing or polluting the surrounding areas.

And so, on November 15, the important alliance was finalized, which we are sure will bring to the region the most innovative in the Modular Architecture Industry.

Bustamante Realty Group and Ethos Modular will be inaugurating their modular home environment in Valle de Guadalupe and you will be able to visit it this coming January 22, 2022. If you are interested in learning about this project and modular architecture, write to us at ethos@brg. max.

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